Calgary, Alberta

Panther River Wagon Trip

I had an idea, that taking an authentic wooden-wheeled wagon to the mountains would be a good adventure. I gathered some friends and we took my wagon into the Panther Corners area – west of Sundre, Alberta, Canada.

That good idea was only surpassed by the idea that I needed to get lots of pictures. I asked Jan Newport of Calgary and Don Gillespie of Mankota, SK to join me as mounted photographers; they both accepted. Probably because I offered them food, beverages and possible fame! They brought their own cameras and equines, and as you will see, did a tremendous job! Tom Christensen offered up his 4 blue roan mares and himself, said they could use the practise – they definitely got it!  When I asked my neighbour (Facebook shy guy) to bring his sorrel team and pull my supply wagon, he didn’t hesitate to be able to renew some memories of the area. Then Deborah Dombowsky volunteered to assist with cooking and was a great help! BBQ steaks and whiskey finalized the trip in, wonderfully.   We toasted Gord Mowat, RIP.  Hope you all enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed the trip!!!